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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tonight! Election Integrity Discussion in Salt Lake City featuring Bruce Funk.

Joycelynn Straight, a Utah VOTE member, will accompany him.

Subject: Utah Election Integrity Issues

When: Thursday, 27 July 2006 at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), 4445 South Redwood Road (1700 West.)

Who: Bruce C. Funk, Emery County, Utah, Clerk/Auditor and Joycelynn Straight, co-founder of Utah CLEAR, a non-partisan government oversight and public advocacy project and a contributing member of Utah VOTE.

Why: Bruce discovered problems with the Diebold voting machines in Emery County, Utah that made national headlines. His subsequent experiences should have the attention of all Utah citizens.

Cost: Free (Donations would be appreciated to help defray Bruce Funk's travel costs.)

Bruce Funk, who served as Emery County Clerk for 23 years, will be appearing in his first public meeting in Utah to discuss the problems he discovered, and sought to resolve, with the Diebold voting machines in Emery County and his subsequent experiences arising from that. Bruce was locked out of his office this spring after action by county commissioners following an on-site intervention by State election officials accompanied by Diebold representatives.

His experiences have crucial relevance to the integrity of the entire voting process in Utah, as well as nationally, and should be known by all citizens who expect honesty, accountability, and justice from their government. Bruce has discussed this issue on both national and local radio programs and has been quoted frequently in the news.

Joycelynn Straight is an Election Integrity Advocate and a member of Utah VOTE. She has researched election integrity issues for a number of years and, since last October, has devoted her attention to it, full-time. Joycelynn was a featured speaker on election integrity issues at a recent meeting of the Agnes Kehoe Progressive Alliance in Washington State. Tonight, she will provide insight into various aspects of Utah's election processes, at both the state and county levels.

Bruce and Joycelynn will be speaking at 7:00 p.m., at the Salt Lake Community College, Redwood Campus (4600 South Redwood Road), Student Center in the 'Oak Room'. You are highly encouraged to attend.

This special appearance is sponsored by the Utah Eagle Forum Conservatives (a youth group) and by the Skousen Group (members of the late Dr. Skousen's seminars on the U.S. Constitution.)

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Blogger Larry Bergan said...

I went to the meeting JStraight helped put on with Bruce Funk and it was good to see some more people getting the information, but attendance was not great. About 10 to 15 people showed up.

I would describe Mr. Funk as the nicest conspiracy theorist in the country. It's obvious that fighting the powers that be is not something he ever wanted to do. He just thinks that people have the right to know their votes are safely counted. The fact that he has been thrust into this epic battle for accountability is probably a good thing though, because he will be impossible to demonize as some kind of slick Democratic trouble maker, (He's not a Democrat).

He comes across as an extremely trusting, and trustworthy fellow which makes it very ironic that he is the guy to finally break this huge story about potential fraud. He has printed up some T-shirts that say:


a voice for america against


"hackable" voting equipment


control your vote

This should provide a good opportunity to inform the people around here who have never heard the story of how a local guy tripped up a huge corporation. It's nearly a secret here in Utah.

2:00 AM  

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